The vineyards are cultivated organically out of a sense of responsibility towards nature. On the vine, the right actions at the right time are our guarantee for the high quality of the grapes.


A contribution to the ecological cultivation is also taken care of by our sheep. In winter they graze between the vines and fertilize our vineyards, in a natural way.


The aim is to gently process the hand-picked grapes in the cellar and to preserve the harvested quality. The art is to bring the manifold aromas of the grape into the bottle.

A modern technical equipment in connection with our long experience and intuition are the key for our highquality wines.

Bodega Mandia Vell

Canoga Park S.L.

Ctra. Manacor - Porto Cristo, km 5.5

ES-07500 Manacor / Mallorca


Telephone: +49 1523 681 50 85


E-Mail: bodega@mandia-vell.com