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The Mandia Vell winery is one of the oldest estates on Mallorca and is located on the eastern part of the island between Manacor and Porto Cristo.


The special location of the vineyards gives the wines the first sunrays of the day. Organic and ecological sustainable wine and olive growing on the entire area of 11 hectares, as well as the appropriate animal care of sheep and pigs are close to our heart.

The wine production on this historically significant piece of land was given to me in 2016.


The first written document dates back to the year 1263.


Even today, despite many changing owners, such as Romans, Moors and kings, many original elements and details are still recognizable. During an archaeological inventory a 3500 year old face carved in stone was first documented.

This face is today‘s logo on the stoneware bottles of my wines.

The name „Mandia“

The name-giver of our winery is the soldier Pere de Mandia. He received this land as a reward for his noble service in the liberation of Mallorca from the Arabs by King Jaime I of Aragon in 1263, when the land was redistributed.

Bodega Mandia Vell

Pasion Artisan S.L.

Ctra. Manacor – Porto Cristo, km 5.5

ES-07500 Manacor / Mallorca


Telephone: 0034 674 300 403


E-Mail: bodega@mandia-vell.com